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"Gems" can be used to refer to the items, or the Gems panel.

Gems the item come in MATK, PATK, MDEF, PDEF, Life, Dodge, Rage, ACCY, CDMG, CSTK, and Tenacity. Each gem may only be embeded in specific equipment pieces as well as wings, wedding (or singles) rings, and medals.

Gems may be synthesized into better gems, and also carved to give an additional boost.

Gems synth


The first tab of the Gems window you will see or use is the Synthesize tab. With this tab you may combine four same-level gems into one gem of the next level, to a maximum of level 10.

Abbreviation meaningEdit

  • MATK = Magic Attack
  • PATK = Physical Attack
  • MDEF = Magic Defence
  • PDEF = Physical Defence
  • Life = Health points
  • Dodge = Evasion of attacks
  • Rage = Power increase in Battle
  • ACCY = Accuracy, increase hit chance
  • CDMG = Critical Damage Increase
  • CSTK = Increase Chance Of Critical Strike
  • Tenacity = Reduce chance of critical strike
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