Guilds Edit

Guild icon

The Guild icon.

Joining a guild is one of the greatest ways for a new player to get help during their time in Lunaria, and is a great place to make friends as well. Joining a guild also offers other benefits, like the Guild Welfare, Territory Shop, Guild Building, and two guild events, Guild Battle and Guild Domination!

Guild Interface

The Guild interface.

Guild ChamberEdit

The Guild chamber is a place in the guild, you can enter it when you pay a fee of 125 gold, so in exchange you get a 100% astrology boost. Also for each member who joined earn a extra 1% boost per member.

Guild WelfareEdit

This nifty little window will give you some items depending on your level within the guild, and only after completing a series of tasks.

These tasks are Goddess Offering, Gems, Gold Chest, Arena, Wings, Forge, Star Palace, Battle of Might, and World Boss.

Daily welfare

As you may see in the picture, you are asked to do 8 of the possible tasks, however only 7 is required.

Weekly Welfare
The Weekly Welfare works much the same way, giving you a reward based on your level within the guild. However, instead of doing so many tasks to recieve it, you simply must do your Daily Welfare four times.

Guild BuildingEdit

Leveling the GuildEdit

When you first start a guild, you'll have a small rooster of 20, but no fear! Once you level your guild, you'll have more and more!

Level Rooster Total EXP needed
1 20 2.000.000
2 22
3 24 1.320.000
4 27 3.160.000
5 30


Guild BattleEdit


Guild Battle Table

  1. The guild battle is held every Saturday, from 21:00 to 22:00
  2. Each competition lasts 15 mins, with 5 minutes of preparation time
  3. The competition uses a single-round elimination system.
  4. Only 16 guilds can participate at a time
  5. Only the guild leader and vice guild leader can sing up.
  6. Sign-up fees for guilds that didn't make the finals will be returned via mail
  7. Guild Battles can yield a vast amount of Prestige and guild Achvievements

Guild DominationEdit

Guild StorageEdit

Guild Storage is the storage of the guild and only guild leaders may access the storage and give them to other players.

Guild Storage

Territory ShopEdit

Guild BeastEdit

Beast TrainingEdit

Beast Training is one of the easiest ways to increase your guild contribution and prestige while still helping out your guild.

Beast Training
As you can see in the picture, there are three items you may feed your beast, however most players will decide upon to Spirit Rice as it is the only one that does not cost Gold.

For Beast Training, you simply click "Feed" on your prefered dish, and viola! Increased contribution, beast exp and of course prestige!

Guild Beast BattleEdit

The Guild Beast Battle can only be attempted after the Guild Beast has reached level 2, and only on Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:00 (8:00pm) server time.