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Snowy Mountains

Ice Elf lvl. 50

Ice Crystal Elf lvl. 50

Glacier Elf lvl. 50

Icicle Elf lvl.50

Ice Arrow Sprite lvl. 52

Ice Spear Sprite lvl. 52

Snow Sprite lvl. 52

Icy Sprite lvl. 52

Icy Abyss

Razortooth Snow Wolf lvl. 54

Blackclaw Snow Wolf lvl. 54

Demoneye Snow Wolf lvl. 54

Touh Snow Wolf lvl. 54

Winter River Springs

Steelclaw Meowlar lvl. 56

Pummel Meowlar lvl. 56

Magical Meowlar lvl. 56

Razorclaw Meowlar lvl. 56

Tundra Cave

Lightning Shadow Scorpion lvl. 58

Giant Armored Scorpion lvl. 58

Venomtail Scorpion lvl. 58

Ice Palace Venom Scorpion lvl. 58

Underground Ice Palace

Storm Elemental lvl. 60

Fury Stormer lvl. 60

Illusion Stormer lvl. 60

Surge Stormer lvl. 60

NPCs found in Lunaria City

Reward Board

Avenger Swordsman

Lord Dray

Handsome Bill



Healing Angel

Equipment Shop Owner

Bounty Hunter

Mysterious Wandering Scholar

Other NPCs

Demon Hunter Melly

Bubbles the Ice Crab

Mechanic Jango

Old Sailor

Boss Chris

Lost Fisherman

Boss Ocean

Sea Kingdom Girl

Sea Fairy

Boss Bob

Restaurant Chef

Boss Jack

Boss Lee


Young Sailor

Compass Kid

Captain Guter

Sailor Orid

Psychic Sorceress

Mysterious Old Man

Lava Lord's Minion

Ghost Miner

Fire Ogre

Healing Spirit

Soul Trapper


Burned Miner

Geological Surveyor

Formation Mechanism

Water Elf


Puppet Master

Blind Puppet

Exhausted Scout

Lunaria City General

Merchant Peter

Expert Elementalist


Jewel Collector

Mystical Sorceress

Wounded Swordsman

Wandering Scholar

Princess Cherylin

Hunter Bill


Elementalist Angelo

Blind Scholar

Scholar's Eyes

Green Dragon Whelp


Boss Forrest

Seaweed Witch

Needs Picture(s)

Money Sprite

Reward Board

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